Kai Po Che…!!!

“Kai Po Che!” literally translates as “Caught you!!!” which is a Gujrati phrase used for victory call in kite-flying challenge. An apt title for a movie about victory of friendship caught in life challenges against the background of cricket, religion & politics. Director Abhishek Kapoor has adapted Chetan Bhagat’s book ‘The 3 mistakes of My Life’ deftly on screen and ably acted by young talented ensemble cast.


It is the story of three friends – Govind, Ishaan and Omi and is based in the city of Ahmedabad.  Govind gives tuitions for a living. Ishaan is an excellent cricketer but is wasting his time doing nothing. The three friends dream of starting a sports academy and sports goods shop to make it big in life. After Ishaan’s father refuses to give the three young men money to pay as security deposit for premises for the academy, Omi’s maternal uncle, Bittoo, steps in to help the three friends. Bittoo is a leading politician and is keen that Omi also gets into politics. Here, Ishaan identifies great talent in a young boy, Ali, who is the son of a politician, Naseer Hashmi, an arch-rival of Bittoo. Ishaan starts training Ali with the intention of preparing him for Ranji Trophy matches and ultimately for international cricket.

Soon, the friends think of shifting their shop and academy to a mall which is being constructed and they again take money from Omi’s uncle to pay as security deposit. However, a massive earthquake in Ahmedabad ruins all their plans as the mall, like many other buildings, is heavily damaged.

Even as rescue and relief operations by politician Bittoo are underway in full swing, Ishaan brings Ali’s family to the relief camp as their house is badly damaged and Ali’s father, Naseer Hashmi, is away at that time. However, Bittoo’s men refuse to help Ali and his family because of their rivalry with Naseer Hashmi. In the heat of the moment, Ishaan has a fight with Bittoo’s men and also with Omi who is helping his uncle in his political activities.

Elections are around the corner and Omi gets completely sucked into election campaigning for his Bittoo uncle. Naseer Hashmi’s candidate defeats Bittoo in the elections, much to the wishes of Bittoo. Here, Govind and Ishaan are finding it difficult to run their sports shop. As it is, Omi has not been coming to the shop due to his fight with Ishaan and his busy schedule in the election campaigning. Meanwhile, unknown to Ishaan, his sister, Vidya, gets close to Govind who has been giving her tuitions in Mathematics, her weakest subject.

Ali is doing very well on the cricket field under Ishaan’s training. Soon, riots break out in Ahmedabad following the torching of two compartments of a train at Godhra station. Omi loses both his parents in that incident. His uncle, Bittoo, politicizes the incident and makes it a communal one, insisting his party men to go on the rampage. Bittoo’s men are out on the streets to avenge the Train massacre. They are targeting people of the minority community only. In the tense atmosphere, Ishaan must ensure that Ali, who belongs to the minority community, makes it for the selection process.  This makes a perfect climax to the story.

Does Ali make it to the selection venue? Is Ishaan able to realise his dream of seeing Ali play international cricket? Does Ishaan get to know of his sister’s love affair with his best friend, Govind? Does Omi return to his two friends or does life have something else in store for him? What happens to the dream of the three friends to expand their sports academy?

All these questions will be answered in later part of the Movie taking a leap of 10 years. Despite the disturbing backdrop of death, destruction and politics, Kai Po Che is very likeable. Between tears, you find yourself smiling, because it’s the story of friendship and human triumph above all else…

Kai Po Che is brimming with solid content. Watch it for the spirit it is made in…Watch it because it’s the kind of cinema that pushes the boundaries…

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