Rose Wood

My Friend Ankita gave us her Promotion Party here earlier, it was a nice experience. So keeping the good experience in mind and after hearing some more good reviews about this place from a friend, we went for lunch on a weekend here.
They have a great ambience with indoor and outdoor sitting area. The outdoor sitting is well decorated replicating the Korean dining style. Also, they have created a nice garden with small trees and flowering plants. The indoor sitting area is having AC and is spacious and clean.

After a big waiting time for around 45 minutes, we were allocated a table in indoor section. For about 15 minutes, No-one took to take our order, so we called a waiter to give our order. He called the captain; all this took another 10 minutes. Finally, the Captain arrived and took the order.

This is pure veg. restaurant. Food is good. We ordered Tandoor platter in starters, Paneer Butter masala, Butter naan, Pineapple Raita and Pulao in Main course, sizzling hot chocolate brownie with vanilla Ice-cream in Desserts, in our earlier visit. Everything was fine in taste and reasonable in price. The Tandoor platter was good and Smokey in taste, just as it should be. The Chocolate Brownie tasted burnt and bitter.

The Service is pathetically slow; it took around 40-50 minutes for main course to arrive. We were finally going to cancel the dessert as it took around 30 minutes to arrive. The waiters were not at all interested in taking order. We called them to give order and yet they responded so dully.  The captain is not aware of the menu at all, there is a big scope to improve in Service perspective.

Finally, though food was good, we were disappointed by the service provided.

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