Naturals Ice-Cream, Kothrud

Naturals is one of the places, you would like to visit to have a wonderful experience with ice creams..! This small outlet is at the Karve Statue signal on the main road with very small indoor seating area.


Similar to other Natural’s outlets, they have a lineup of flavors but I really like the natural fruit one’s as they are simply the best. Being a foodie, I have tasted each and every flavor offered at this place. The tender coconut, Anjeer and Choco-bite are my personal favorite.
Tender coconut is creamy, with a subtle flavor of coconut, fresh and has pieces of coconut pulp…This is the most unique flavor available.

Choco-bite has large chunks of chocolate in chocolate ice cream; a treat for all chocolate lovers like me… 🙂
Thier season special flavors are a must try. The strawberry ice cream with fresh pieces of strawberry fruit, the mango version of it too is delicious.
Chickoo Ice-cream is rich; creamy with bits of chickoo in it…You absolutely feel you are having the fruit.

Anjeer, kesar-pista, kaju-kishmis are malai ice-creams with dry fruits churned into them; absolutely delightful… Anjeer is my favorite.
The ice cream is available in waffle cone or a regular cone. Even a take away option is available with a good packing. The prices are reasonable.

Currently, they are having BerryFest going on; they have 5 new limited addition flavors on the menu – gooseberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and cranberries.

Also the fresh strawberry with ice cream is in with season.

Natural’s Ice cream is by one of the heartiest treats one can indulge in with natural flavors. Go for It….!!!

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  1. priyankamoraes says:

    Totally agree ! They had a special thandai flavour running through in the holi week !


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