Kaakan – Some Love Stories Are Left Only To Be Remembered…

Kranti Redkar had been missing from the cinema scene for a while as she had completely dedicating herself to ‘Kaakan’, her directorial debut. The film created quite a buzz with lead actors Jitendra Joshi and Urmila Kanitkar-Kothare’s different looks. After watching this movie, I would say kranti redkar’s dedication has paid-off. Kaakan is tale of love blooming in adverse circumstances.


Split over two different periods unfolds the heart-warming tale of romance, faith and companionship. Set in the period of 1970s, Kaakan portrays two young hearts that fall in love but separated by the stringent rules of the society. Their initial separation and reunion in the end is tale of interesting twists and turns.

Sudhamati and Kishu, played by Urmila Kanetkar Kothare and Jitendra Joshi respectively, are lovers in a village in the 1970s. The very much in love characters belong to different classes of the society which is why they have to hide their romance from the girl’s, who belongs to a rich family, parents. Eventually the parents find out and seizing the time when Kisu is away from the village, they decide to marry Sudha off to a rich guy from another village. Wait, that’s not how it ends. Kisu is out-of-station to complete a promise made to Sudha and by the time he returns, Sudha is married and on her way to Mumbai. The heartbroken Kisu ruins his life while the equally heartbroken Sudha, now wife of an illustrious business-man, dedicates it to helping the poor. The young Gopi, played by Ashutosh Gaikwad, a kid from the village, finds out about the story and sets out on a journey to find Sudha. The lovers of the past meet again after 32 years thanks to a 12 year old Gopi.

But surprisingly, this isn’t Kisu and Sudhamati’s story alone in the first place. It is as much the story of other principal characters. Each one of them has their own story to tell and each story could be a standalone movie. Since each character emerges hero and their stories heroic, subplots tend to distract your interest from the main drama at times.

Kaakan is about powerful performances by the lead actors. Urmila, as always, does most of the work through her expressive eyes. Urmila is powerful in her expressions and beautifully portrays the transition of the character of a bubbly and childish village girl into a mature, sensitive and caring lady. Jitendra Joshi continues his effortless command over characters as he plays the young lover as well as the dying old man with equal brilliance. You give this man the attire and he will transform into the person it belongs to flawlessly. But there is one more person who wins hearts with his performance. It is the child actor Ashutosh Gaikwad who does a splendid work of a mediator between the lovers.

The plot is slow till you get the crux of it but picks up later. Music is an intrinsic part of the film and gives a beautiful portrayal to the tragic love story. Kaakan is a worth watching Movie for its touching story and powerful performances.

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