Avare Bele Mela, Bengaluru – Hyacinth Beans Festival

The annual Avare Bele Mela, underway at VV Puram, is where you should head to, to buy piles of fresh, farm-sourced avarekalu (hyacinth beans) and sink your teeth into delicacies made from it.

Stalls all across VV Puram’s famed Thindi Street will also serve up street food made from avarekai. There’s Hithkabele (avarekai beans without their skin) honey jalebis, jamoons, and holige for your sweet tooth. But before you order the sweet dishes, you can chomp on dosas, upmas, vadas, idlis and curries made from the bean.


The food festival is open for public between 11 am to 10 pm till January 24, 2016.

Here is what you can have at an affordable price:


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