Getting Mad Over Donuts!

When it comes to donuts, there are hardly any joints that come close to the phenomenon that M.O.D has established itself for. The bar is so high, that it is now a tavern!

We were here just ambling away looking for some or the other accoutrements when we caught a glimpse of this outlet. Our eyes twinkled, our hearts pumped some extra carmine, and our thoughts came to be dominated by just one thing: Donut and we whisked ourselves away, like zombies, to the counter. At the first glance, you wish you were one of those lucky S.O.Bs who eat the world away and still stay in shape, so that you could order every donut on display! But then reality sets in, you realize your ever increasing one (large) pack ab and the horizontally challenged life, that you vow to eradicate each day with constant exercise and workouts… and then you see… donuts and everything fades in to oblivion. Belts are then mere contraptions to squeeze your joy away, abs, vicious propaganda to crush your happiness. Slim toned bodies then become an abhorring western thought bent on destroying your euphoria and elation. Gorgeously and ridiculously svelte models are nothing but mind games all with a devious plan to distract you from the beautiful and scrumptious food that is: donut!

However at the last moment, my squirming waist begged for mercy and we only ordered two donuts with coffee. We took the combo and got ourselves a Double Trouble and Original Sin, both warmed up to be eaten.


The donuts are, without an iota of dubitation, the most heavenly meal that is there! Soft, podgy, donut with a warm viscous liquid chocolate on your lips and tongue is sinful to say the least. Each bite makes you crave for more, long for another donut with all the care in the world defenestrated. You surpass the petty issues of this mortal world, ignore the noises and cloud out everything else. For those ten minutes the donut is all there is in this world. Nothing else matters and everything else can wait.

Come here and eat the donuts without a second thought. Coffee, oh we did order coffee as well, was decent. But then the joint’s name is not Mad Over Coffee!
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