Middle-Eastern Food Festival @ The Mynt, Taj Westend, Bangalore


Nestled amidst 20 acres of flora and Set in a European-style manor with its illustrious heritage and colonial charm, The Taj West End is a tropical paradise in the Garden City of Bangalore. Within the idyllic environs of the five-star luxury hotel, you could forget that you are in the heart of a thriving metropolis.


The Taj West End is home to a range of spectacular fine-dining experiences, with flavours crafted for every palate. We can Relish authentic Vietnamese cuisine at Blue Ginger and sip on delectable cocktails at the Blue Bar. Also, we should try some traditional Indian fare with a refreshing twist at Masala Klub, Otherwise, the Best option is to indulge in the lavish Sunday brunch buffet at Mynt.


I was invited for a Special Preview of Middle-eastern Food Festival at Mynt. The relishing aromas from the kitchens of the Middle East are currently being presented here….!!

Executive Chef Sandip Narang curates an extravagant menu featuring savouries like Mouttabel, Fattoush, Hummus, Muhammara dates, Falafel, Rubian Meshwi, Lamb tagine coupled with delicious desserts like Baklava, Omali and much more. It is truly a culinary display that has to be experienced to be believed.

This was a well-organized event for Food Bloggers at the Lush-Garden facing Table at the Mynt. The soothing soft wind, the lush green surroundings, tastefully designed luxury ambiance… and the mouth-watering delectable treat… What a combination it was!

We were welcomed with a Watermelon Cooler to chill us down… and the fare started!


  • MOUTTABEL: It is a traditional delight from Beirut Chars Grilled Aubergrine Pureed with Sesame Paste and Olive Oil. A perfectly spicy, smoky dish!
  • TABBOULEAH: A refreshing Salad made with cracked wheat, parsley, tomato and onion.
  • HUMMUS: The Middle-Eastern favorite chickpea puree with sesame paste and olive oil. Perfectly authentic in Taste!
  • FLAVORED LABNEH: Just 3 Ingredients – Mint, Olive and Sumac flavored Yoghurt; But 100% Rich-Taste… Enjoyed it!


  • MUHAMMARA DATES: A completely new dish (at least for me) made up with Bell Pepper, Walnuts, Pistachio Dip stuffed in Kimia Dates. It was so good in taste; my hubby became a big-big fan of dish and tells everyone about it whenever we talk about our dining Experience here.


  • SPINACH FATAYERS: Oven baked Triangles filled with spinach Pine-Nuts. These were very tasty and aromatic. The taste was enhanced with the freshness of lemons in it.


  • CIGARA BOREGI: It was an Overwhelming cheesy experience with these Cheese and Leeks filled crispy rolls. Just Fabulous!
  • SHORBA ADAS: An Egyptian specialty lentil soup flavored with cumin garnished with onion straws! A simple and light soup, perfectly complimenting the exhaustive spread!
  • KHOUBZ: These are traditional soft and fluffy Lebanese Bread!
  • PIDE BI ZATTAR: Aromatic Turkish bread, spread with Feta Cheese and Zattar Spices. So Cheesy, So Yummy!
  • TURKISH GRILLED VEGETABLES: Garden Fresh Veggies marinated with Turkish Sauce and Char Grilled. The Smokey Zucchini and Broccoli, served on Skewers, tastes good.
  • BERBER TAGINE: Mixed veggie stew with Turkish Spices, perfectly suits vermicelli Rice, to complete your main course. I loved the Indianised-Spicy touch given to the exotic vegetables like Olives, Zucchini, Broccoli and Mushrooms.
  • ROZ BIL SHAAREYYAH: A Medium-Spicy, yet so flavorful, Egyptian Vermicelli Rice, so nicely served alongside the Berber Tagine!
  • BAKLAVA: It is a traditional Lebanese Phyllo and Mixed Nut Pastries. It was a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup or honey with Rich-Rose Flavor. The best once I ever had…! Even When I am writing about it here, I am still feeling the fragrance and nutty-sweet taste on my tongue…!! Oh, How much I wish to have it now itself!!


  • MAHALABIA: It is Middle-Eastern Style mild-sweet fragrant Milk-Pudding. A Decent one, so nicely complimenting the most-amazing Baklava!

It was a fun-filled treat to our taste-buds, and the most-interesting part of evening was to interact with Executive Chef Sandip Narang listening to his most-interactive Tales from Middle-East Travels and the Learning Experience there. He visited house-holds in differ parts of world, and learnt their style of cooking… That’s the secret behind the Authentic Taste at this Middle-Eastern Food Festival. So Do not wait, Book you Tables and Enjoy the Middle-eastern Culinary Journey at The Mynt, Taj WestEnd, Bangalore. The Festival is on till 27th Aug 2016.

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