Polar Bear – Sundae Palace!

A cool place to hang out with great Ice-Creams and Sundaes; sounds like an ideal place for leisurely Saturday Night Dessert, right? Say hello to Polar Bear – A perfect place to satiate your sweet-tooth!

We have been ordering online and visiting this place for quite some time now, and are absolutely loving their sundaes. Here goes the List of desserts we tried till date:

Banana Split: This Sunday is everything sinful we dream of – Scoops of different flavored ice-cream served between split banana slices, drizzled with all kinds of sauces and topped with nuts and cherries and cream.


Seven Wonders: Seven wonders come together to create the perfect exotic sundae. The ideal date dessert!


Lychee Sundae: This sundae is for all Lychee lovers who just can’t get enough of this luscious fruit. In all forms, Lychee tells you why it gets along with ice-cream so well.


Kesar Kulfi: Rich Creamy kulfi topped with saffron strands and cashews is meant to be enjoyed, one bite at a time. Its velvety texture and rich flavor makes it an easy favorite among all sundaes.

Fig O’ Honey Special: I can skip for Sunday Brunch for this delightful treat! May the Figs and Honey be always together and make merry!

Death by Chocolate: If other flavors were finale, this is a grand finale! It will put the ultimate chocoholic to test with its irresistible combination of chocolate, Choco cake and ice-cream.

Brownie Fudge: Consisting of vanilla ice cream, walnut brownie cake, chocolate fudge, cashews and whipped cream! Now you can take a deep breath as all of this comes in a huge bucket which will surely full you as well as people around you.

Chocó Brownie Fudge: Fancy something hot? Go for the Chocó brownie fudge, it’s as gooey and yummy as you can imagine.

Fruit n Cake: A cake delight which vanilla ice cream sandwiched between vanilla cake, pineapple and strawberry topping not to mention other fresh fruits with cream. The cake tastes yummy as it’s a perfect mix of yin and yang i.e. cold inside and hot outside (due to the hot fudge)

Pizza Ice-cream: If you fancy something unique and kinky? Try their unique Pizza ice cream. Pizza takes a sweet makeover with cake as base, jelly, ice-cream and fruits as toppings. This is family size, where each of you can sink your teeth into this gooey ice creamizza!

Some other lighter stuff to try include Shakes like wild strawberry, they also have other coolers like green apple, orange etc.

Hungry?  No problem as polar bear boasts of good snacks too like sandwiches and other finger foods.

The ambience is very warm and welcoming, an ideal neighborhood place to hangout with friends. Advice for the wise, the place tends to get pretty crowded at times, so even if you have to wait don’t worry as the deserts are worth the wait.

Polar Bear Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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