Kundalika River Rafting at Kolad!

A sleepy little village by the banks of the river Kundalika ā€“ sounds like a lazy weekend plan? Kolad is much more than that! Kolad offers an adrenaline filled holiday!

Kolad is around 100 km from Pune and is accessible by a Road through scenic Tamhini Ghat. With its river and hilly terrain, Kolad has been developed as a hub for adventure sports. We bunch of adventure loving bums set-off to Kolad early on a Saturday Morning for a White water rafting experience!

We had booked an Innova and the rafting session through Explorers-Pune. 1 raft can accommodate 9 People. The safety jackets-helmets, rafting ores and an expert trainer are provided for each group.

14 kms of rapids and fast flowing water of river Kundalika make Kolad a perfect destination for river rafting! The rapids are owing to the release of water from the Dam on the river, so the rafting is available only in the morning. The complete activity takes around 2-2.5 hours and costs around 1500 Rs per head. The Expert trainer guides the rafters to make the rafting experience an enjoyable one! He also lets us swim in the river, near the end of the rapids where water flow is bit slower.


While travelling back to Pune make sure to take a break Picturesque Plus Valley in Tamhini Ghat for a quick Photo-Session. You will also encounter many small waterfalls alongside the road, if you are travelling in the Monsoon. We made a pit-stop at a small dhaba before the tamhini Ghat starts.

So do book in advance and plan your trip to get 2 hours of adrenaline rush in Grade 1-3 River!

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