No more eating out – COOKIFI gets “Your Personal chef at Home”!

Cookifi helps people to discover chefs around them and provide a hassle free experience in hiring them. Cookifi makes chefs more accessible to book on demand an unique experience at the ease of a tap. It is a comprehensive platform for users to make informed decision while hiring a chef through ratings and reviews of other users.

“The Cookifi Experience” answers all your queries when you host an event at home. Be it an office gathering, family get-together, house warming, birthday celebration or kitty party, Cookifi is the platform to be! Everything, the healthiest and tastiest it can ever get! Specialist chefs will arrive at your doorstep to cook up a special meal for you. All you need is a kitchen, dining companions, and an appetite! You can bring together family and friends, and be fully present, because the chef takes care of everything else.

“The Cookifi on Demand” let you book a cook for a session, two days or a week and quickly cook a meal for 2 or more. If you have guests at home, running late from office, your existing cook is on leave, too lazy to cook today, Cookifi is a platform to be! To get a hassle free experience, Cookifi provides fast, reliable and professional cook at your doorstep so that you can have dinner together at your dining table. Cookifi is available on a user-friendly Mobile App and Online Website.

They also have Cook on Demand, where the cook will arrive for one hour for your one time needs. Then there’s House Party in which you get a luxury experience, where you can hire a cook for an event, a live counter and more exotic needs. The House Party has some fabulous Menu Options suitable for every type of Party be it your Kid’s Birthday, or a Kitty Party or family get-together or a Romantic Candle-Lit Dinner at Home, and the best thing is it’s completely customizable.  Select from a variety of Exotic menu’s themed from traditional to continental dishes or customise from their theme based menu’s as per your taste and preference for all your occasions, Get the best quote for your chosen menu & make the payment to confirm your slot, Enjoy being the host, let the Chef do the drill & take charge of your kitchen 🙂

Cookifi sources cooks with at least 2-3 years of experience of working in a guest house, restaurant, or serviced apartment to provide a proper customer service.  After curating their list, Cookifi then trains them in special skills to suit occasions, like making Chinese food for the Chinese New Year, or a tri-colored pulao during the Indian Republic day or Modak during Ganesh Chaturthi.


We were invited by Ajay and Prachi Modani, the couple behind this concept, along with Harsh Singla and Executive Chef Kushal Chafekar. Chef Kushal is the person behind the Curated Menu and Expert Chef Training. Ajay and Prachi are truly very warm hosts and introduced us to the unique Concept behind Cookifi.  The Event was at their home and gave a complete feel of a home party! It was an Italian Menu Today – made with love and artistically served! Here’s a Snapshot of what was served to us at this House Party:


Bruschetta: This classic Italian appetizer is a perfect way to capture the flavors of ripe tomatoes, fresh basil, and garlic spooned over olive-oil brushed slices of rusted bread.

Tomato mozzarella skewers: Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Drizzle are perfect bites of freshness. Mini mozzarella cheese balls skewered with tender basil leaves and juicy tomatoes, drizzled with tangy-sweet balsamic reduction, each layered is loaded with bold-yet-fresh flavors that combine in a bite that is nearly indescribable. It was SO good!


Cucumber mascarpone roles: Crunchy Cucumber skewered with Creamy Mascarpone – a stoner classic, very summery, Enjoying!


Mesclun salad with berry: Mesclun combined with fresh berries and a delicious dressing, this salad was a wonderful, refreshing addition to meal.

Corn cheese balls: The combination of corn and cheese together makes it an excellent and appetizing starter. This crunchy yet soft-centered deep-fried dish was a chartbuster of the dinner.

There was a live pasta counter with fresh veggies, red and white sauces, Italian spices and Chef Debashish to toss it up. The Live Pasta Counter was most-exiting part of our dinner. Chef was tossing up the ingredients and sauces to suit our individual tastes and serving with loads of fresh cheese! The Pasta was so perfectly prepared to match up my liking!

There was Chicken Biryani and Raita as well, but we didn’t tried it out, so can’t comment! But my fellow bloggers gave a thumbs-up for this Biryani!


The Most Loved part of any Dinner… The Dessert! A Unique presentation of Malpua and Rabdi in shot glasses… So Cool!

Still Drooling over the Meal!

Cookifi brings an exotic meal, right at the comfort of our home; where highly-skilled trained specialist chef arrive at our doorstep, items and ingredients in tow, and cook up a special meal for us.

Browse through the Below Website- for checking out their Menu options and other details or download their app –

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