Drooling Lunch at Fattoush!


Fattoush is Euphoria’s Pride, a true multi cuisine restaurant that serves delicious culinary delights from around the world… be it Arabic, Chinese, Continental, North Indian or South Indian varieties.


Located on Bannerghatta main road adjacent to Fortis hospital, Fattoush is a place to be with your near and dear ones…  The Restaurant is spacious, Bright and Beautiful with beautiful road-facing seating arrangement, spacious indoor seating and a much-needed children’s play area.


The ambience is simple yet very beautiful. We liked the beautiful ceiling made in shape of ribbons which transports us to the picturesque scenes of ancient times.


Fattoush is a Middle-Eastern Refreshing Salad and so perfect name for this restaurant for the Fabulous Arabic cuisine they serve in a refreshing atmosphere.


We were welcomed courteously (which made us feel royal) and were served Mocktails. The Manager explained the Mocktails very aptly:


  • Blue Orange: An Ice-Berg Mocktail with Blue Lagoon Syrup, Tangy Lime Juice, Sweet Orange Juice and shaved Ice… The more you have, the more you fall in love…!


  • Green Fair: An Appetizing Mocktail with Kandhari chilli, Mango Juice, Lime Juice and Passion Fruit mixed with crushed Ice to create a mind blowing drink. The Sweetness of Mango, Tanginess of Passion Fruit and heat of Kandhari Chili was a beautiful combination. Just Fabulous…! Mind Boggling!


The Mocktails were followed by flavorful Spicy- Hot Manchow Soup. This Indo-Chinese thick soup was delightful with well-cooked veggies in it and had an extra bit of crunch with a garnish of deep-fried crispy noodles.

By the time, we finished our soups, Starters came in… Presentation was very eye-pleasing.


  • Tandoori veg. Platter: A Platter of well-marinated and tandoored Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Potato, Cottage Cheese and Veg. Seekh Kabab served with Green Chutney. I loved the Smoky Taste of the soft marinated Veggies and Paneer.
  • Mini Mix Grill: The Arabian Platter of Mutton Yogurt, Sheesh Tawook and Kababs… The chef told us that it’s Fattoush Special!


  • Barbeque Chicken: Grilled Chicken in Barbeque Sauce served with pita bread and vinegar dipped veggies. The combination of Arabian spices with a sweet barbeque sauce was awesome. My Partner said that the Chicken was melt in the mouth succulent. It was served with hummus and Thoum Garlic as dips.

I tried the Pita Bread with Hummus and Thoum Garlic. The Pita Bread was warm, soft and fragnant. The Hummus was creamy and tasted wonderful with warm pita. Thoum Garlic is White Garlic Sauce. This creamy yummy dip went so perfect with the Veg. Seekh Kabab.

After having all this, we were all stuffed and wanted to have a light main course. Here’s what we had in Mains:


  • Jalfrezi: This sweet-tangy semi-dry veg. curry was prepared with absolute skill and exquisite with every bite.
  • Pahadi Murg: This Aromatic Chicken Dish from the Shivalik Hills is the Chef’s Speciality (The Chef is from Uttarakhand) Soft succulent Chicken cooked in Mint Gravy was very flavorful.


  • Naan: This Soft textured Tandoor Cooked Naan and the hilly spicy chicken curry made a killer combination!
  • Kulcha: Crisp leavened smoky on outside and soft fluffy on inside Indian Flatbread went very well with the Veg. jalfrezi.
  • Biryani: Long grain basmati rice and assorted vegetables cooked in a spicy masala to make an aromatic, flavorful and authentic Biryani served with creamy raita.

We were drooling after having all these 3 courses… and then only server asked if we want to opt for some of their specialty desserts… The word desserts make me go weak in knees and I just can’t say no…. So here we were jumping upon their signature Desserts:


Falooda: The flavorful Rose Syrup, cruncy dry-fruits, creamy ice-cream, chewy sabza seeds, silky vermicelli… Oh so overwhelming… So delicious!


Sitafal Cream:  Custard Apple Pulp mixed well with cream and sugar, garnished with saffron strands… Just a WOW Dessert!

The Gorgeous Ambience, Faboulous Food and Welcoming Staff make Fattoush an ideal choice for celebrating life’s happy moments with your loved one.
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