Eat Fresh, Eat Well!

Picture the scene – you’re too busy to cook, you don’t have time to shop, and when it comes to deciding what to eat, you’re right out of ideas. What’s the solution? Order in expensive and unhealthy restaurant food? Go for the same uninspiring food that you always have?

Step forward, Eatfresh – An innovative online marketplace for great meals from top chefs…!

I was recently contacted through a social Media to review their offerings and service…! My Eatfresh wallet was loaded with Rs 500 to choose the dishes of my choice and the date-time suitable for me. Their delivery time is scheduled between 12 pm to 3:30 pm for lunch and for dinner it’s 7 pm to 10:30 pm. You may also choose to get your order delivered instantly or in a future time slot. The prices displayed are inclusive of all taxes, and there is no additional charge on delivery as well! This week on lazy Monday, I logged into their user-friendly EatFresh website and ordered my dinner. I also tried their android app, but its missing many of the features of the website and didn’t make up my liking. The sight of dishes while scrolling through the entire available menu of the day is guaranteed to make you hungry.

After every step of the order, they update through an SMS. This helps us know the live status of the order. And the most amazing is thing is that they deliver piping-hot food in an eco-friendly yet nicely presented packaging within 45 minutes of ordering the food. I got the piping-hot food delivered within 20 minutes of ordering it. Their service is unbelievably remarkable.

Here’s what I ordered:

Lemon and Mint Cooler: A soda-free, pure and refreshing Shikanji; priced at Rs 45 – great value for money.

Exotic Singapore Vegetables with Coriander and Corn Rice: Cooked in thick gravy with tomato chilli base, a mélange of vegetables served with equally wonderful corn and coriander rice. Fragrant and Flavorful!

The above two dishes is priced at Rs 130 each.

Apple and Cinnamon Fluff: Creamy Apple Fluff with a hint of cinnamon in it. Lavish yet decently priced at Rs. 120!

Dutch Truffle Pastry: It’s a pure happiness to end a meal with dessert. The cake is not overly sweet, the perfect spongy texture and melt in mouth pastry. The dark chocolate frosting and the white chocolate square topping were the perfect match to this black beauty. One piece of it is priced at Rs 100.

Using locally sustainable products wherever possible – with an emphasis on quality and freshness, the chefs at Eatfresh create a rotating menu of delicious entrees, mouth-watering sides and main meals that blow traditional delivery services out of the water. Meals are delivered directly to your home or office – so whether you’re working late and need to re-energize, or relaxing at home and looking to treat yourself, EatFresh has a team of professional chefs waiting to rustle up some wholesome, healthy goodness just for you. Go ahead – try something new! Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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