Pastries at Patville Patisserie!

Located on 27th Main Road in HSR Layout, this shop is very appealing on outside. While roaming in HSR Layout one fine evening, we entered here to satiate our sweet cravings.

Patville is a place with a good variety of innovative pastries, breads and cakes. But the place was bit stinky inside.

When we entered there was no one in front section of café to take our order, after 5 minutes the person who was baking inside came out and took our order and served the pastries on their counter.

We had ordered their Russian Medovik and Red Velvet Cake..

The medovik is a sweet spread to Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union, whose main ingredients are honey and condensed milk. This scrumptious Russian honey cake medovik is a dream!! Sweet honey flavored melt in your mouth layers and layers of biscuit; each layer soaked with refreshing cream filling and coated nuts. Texture soft, has a taste of caramelized sugar. Impressive!

The Red velvet cake – dramatic looking with its bright red color sharply contrasted by a white cream cheese frosting; but couldn’t impress me much as it was not very cheesy and was too sweet for my taste.

Will I visit again? Hmm, will have to think!

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