Mystery Rooms- A real life escape game experience

The tick-tock, tick-tock of a timer bomb was filling up the emptiness of a dark room… Officer Rahul bent over a crumpled chit of paper on desk for a closer look, trying to decode the code written on it. He could feel the beads of sweat rolling down from his forehead as checked on the time remaining for bomb to explode. “These are alphabets, this can’t be the key… there must be some other key to this number lock…. ” his mind said. Officer Rahul’s eyes were searching for any more clues when some sparking thing at the desk corner caught his attention… within a second, he grabbed it…  It was a Big Key… Now where was the Lock for this Key?

Officer Rahul is not a police homicide investigator. The 30-year-old is a Team Lead at one of the Automobile Company in Pune, and the ‘room’ is not an actual crime-scene spot. It is the venue of a ‘Mystery Room’ — a new gaming experience which involves locking two to eight players in a 200 to 250 square feet room for an hour. Here, they are challenged to crack a murder mystery, escape from prison or defuse a ticking bomb to ‘earn’ the key to exit the room. This Place is located at 7th Lane in Koregaon Park, and has 2 mystery games to bring out the Detective in you.

  • The Hurt Locker – A Bomb Defuse Challenge

Bandits and terrorists have besieged a place with a bomb. As an elite member of the bomb squad, you must race against the clock to defuse the bombs and save lives. The suspects have covered their tracks pretty well, but there should be enough clues to make a conviction! Be quick and careful: each passing second brings you closer to the bang!

  • Lockout – A Prison Break Challenge

Wrongly convicted of a crime, you are held in a brutal, regimented prison environment. But now it’s time for you to break free! The Jailer and his mates are out for an hour to attend National Day Celebrations and this is the only opportunity to execute your escape plan!

Honestly, the moment we entered the place it looked like a very usual snooker zone with some wonderful posters of the various games they had. We chose to play the hurt locker which was the first level of their games. We had absolutely no clue about the games all we were told was not to touch a few specific stuff which might be harmful and we were given a timeline of 60mins to complete the task. A feeling of exuberance and anxiety made us put our foot forward this game, finding a the bomb and rescuing was our task and in the way we got some strange puzzles, we hopped from one place to other finding the hidden clues, in one room which had the key to unfold the mystery it wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Engulfed with riddles, puzzles this game engaged us so much that all we were thinking was about finding answers and keys, and every closed door gave us a new hint and the enigma continued till the time we unfolded the mystery.

When we entered the dark room we thought it would be easy as it was a small room and we were locked there for 60 minutes, but as time passed, we realized that it was way too tricky than we thought, we found some books, keys some safety warnings, etc.; it truly engaged our minds with inquisitiveness to solve the task, eventually we found the bomb and then was the biggest task to diffuse it with the given hints. So what happens in this game is every clue leads to the last step which is diffusing the bomb. Well beyond this I won’t reveal how we landed up, where the bomb was and how we diffused it, as it would really kill the fun and excitement of the game.

What we all loved about this game was the brain work it required to solve it, we often play escape games on our phones but this was a real life escape game which was absolutely fun and after we came out of the room we actually felt so stress free and it actually felt like the much need break from monotony.

Mystery Rooms is a unit of Kickass adventures with a unique concept where this ‘Room Escape’ game grants you 1 hour to solve puzzle, find hidden clue and ESCAPE!  Mystery Rooms is a challenging race against the clock where the sole motive is to get yourself out of a mysterious room before time kicks you! Imagine being locked in a thrill space with your team and you have exact 60 minutes to use logic, solve puzzle, find hint, and prove the power of team work to pave your path to freedom.  It’s as easy as it’s hard… everything you need to escape is inside the room waiting to meet your eyes! Just analyze, interpret and conclude!

The experience is very unique and thrilling, but not at all dangerous and it does not contain any horror element. It requires no physical exertion and is suitable for ages 10-77. It is an exciting team-building activity for corporate and a fulfilling fun experience for couples, friends and families with a lot of brain work involved.

So, guys just don’t read it, book and play it!!!

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