Nandi Hills – Bike Trip

Clouds resembled a thick blanket of mist. The cool wind made my eyes squint. My hair swayed along with the gentle breeze and as I conquered one hairpin turns after another, my excitement kept on increasing. After 4 months of being in Bangalore, I finally visited Nandi Hills, the closest tourist spot near Bangalore.

Everyone had already told us that, to catch the sunrise at Nandi Hills, you should leave as early as possible, preferably around 4 am. The sun rise, visible through the layers of dense clouds, is the highlight of trip to Nandi Hills.

So Me and Hubby started from bellandur on our Unicorn at 4:00 AM and met Nidhi-Ketan, who were on their new Pulsar at Marathalli Flyover. We took Marathalli – Hebbal – NH-7 road towards Hyderabad route.

As it was early morning and Bangalore Mornings and evenings are generally chilly, we all were wearing Jackets and Sport-shoes. The cold breeze on bike was giving a great romantic feel.

Biking on NH with 80kmps speed gives a great adrenaline rush… I just love biking with my hubby….

On the way towards Nandi Hills, you will find small-but-neat villages and Grape Vineyards on both sides of the Road. The Temperature was gradually decreasing as we were approaching the hill start point. Once we were close to Nandi Hills, we were thrilled after looking at the breath-taking landscapes and cool atmosphere. The last stretch of our trip to Nandi Hills, on the ghat with lots of hair-ping curves, was the most beautiful one. We were completely surrounded by low and dense clouds, taking us into a blissful aura of nature’s elegance.

Once we reached Nandi Hills, the vast area was covered by clouds, giving it the feel of being in Simla. We parked our vehicles and went towards ticket counter. There was a big queue for ticket. While Nidhi Stood in the ticket Queue, I went to buy hot-piping coffee for all of us. The hot coffee brought warmth in our bodies and made us more energetic to walk inside the Gate.

We saw a lot of people gathered around the edge of Nandi Hills, in an attempt to snatch the best sight of sunrise. After looking a the crowd, We just skipped the idea of following the crowd towards sunrise point.

Rather we hiked around the hills to find out some great photographic spots, with lesser crowd. The hiking was really a great fun to have…especially after I slipped down and other started teasing me for that. While on our way we also visited the Big Nandi Temple, in middle of the forest.

After our photography session, we went back to the main spot. The wind was blowing in great speed and clouds had started moving. We sat there on the rocks and had our homemade breakfast, which we had brought with us. I had prepared yummy ‘Dhapate’ prior night and packed along with chutney and dahi. Nidhi had brought in homemade chiwdo. The combination of Maharashtian Dhapate and Gujrati Chiwdo along with Raw Onion, Spicy Mango Pickle, Golkari and dahi was amazing.

Finally, after having our breakfast, we again did some photo-shoot and started to walk back to the parking area. Once we started riding our bikes down the ghats, again the view of moving clouds made us stop at one more stop to take some snaps and enjoy some more time in nature.

Finally, we started from the place we stopped and believe me, my hubby had kept his bike off all the way down on the ghat. It was an awesome pleasurable and fun-filled trip and looking forward to visit again sometime soon.


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  1. Kusum says:

    Hey, excellent blog with pics and very well narrated. Me and my sister are also planning to visit Nandi Hills on our activa and was wondering if the hill roads were safe to ride there?
    You guys offed the engine and rode on downhill, that must have been such a great experience. Did you guys do it from parking lot to base or only after taking a break on the slopes? Need some tips. Kusum


    1. Ruta says:

      Hi Kusum,
      Thank you for ur comment…
      Though the curves are steep, the road is pretty safe…but please avoid speeding…
      We were on bike and in first gear when we were going down the hills, so even if our engine was off, we were having good control over bike, so if u r going down the same way, make sure u have good control over ur activa…
      Have a great trip, enjoy…!!👍


      1. Kusum says:

        Hey thanks for getting back. We will definitely drive slowly. We also have a back tyre with cover on our activa (old stronger model). so that adds safety and comfort as well.
        Since our activa is gearless, so even if we off it and ride down, it will go by itself only. Did you guys off it from parking lot till base and rode, or just after the break you took on the way down, you simply pushed and glided down? Thanks, Kusum


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