The Immortals of Meluha

I used to think that Shiva as a very short-tempered god, after i had heard the Story of Ganesha’s Elephant Head….But this book has really changed my thinking about Shiva… After reading this book, i can really say that Mahadev is a very caring and Kind-hearted god.. ;)

immortals of meluha

The Immortals of Meluha’, is first book in the Shiva trilogy. It  shows Mahadev’s life as a human on Earth and portyays him as a hero. Mostly all characters were familier to me as i have heard many mythological stories from my granny. The novel is set in Meluha and Ayodhya (Capital of Kingdom of Lord Ram), or the Indus Valley Civilization. It has lots of action and romance along with history and mythology. Amish has written this novel in such a way as to interest present day readers like me.

The basic plot is that Shiva, whose throat turns blue after drinking Somaras and People in Meluha considers him as Mahadev  as prophesized in Mythology. Shiva has to lead an attack on theChandravanshis, the enemies of the Suryavanshi Meluhans to save Meluha. It also sets an mystry about the alliance of the Nagas with the Chandravanshis and the attacks on Meluha and the Royal Family. In which Shiva gets dragged beacause of his love towards Sati – The Princess of Meluha.

The Author has researched a lot about Indus Valley Civilization. The best parts of the novel are the ones which describe Meluha, its systems, its customs and its weaknesses as well. The Author describes the Civilization so well, that we feel we are currenlty present in Meluha while reading the novel. we get mesmerised by the way of living of Meluhans – their town planning, honesty, simplicity, scintific development, laws, social tendency and everything..actually Meluha feels like a dream city for everyone where everyone is free to choose their lifestyle and career.

The war scenes and the action scenes of Shiva as well as Sati engross us so well, that we can’t keep the book down without completing the reading of that scene. Also, we can see the passionate romance between Shiva and Sati…and can feel the true Love in them, by simple expressions depicted by the author in gentle language.

Shiva is a great leader, brave warrior, responsible human as well as a passionate lover. He fights for his betterment of his people, but also he leads the Meluhan army in a war just becasue he respects the Meluhan Civilization.

Apart from all this, i loved the character of Sati, Author has portrayed her like a Gentle-Hearted Kind Herione who is honesh and brave Warrior, who never complaints about anything, loves her husband truely and fights bravely for her society.

We all know Shiva as a god, we all know his Potential. But this novel introduces us with his human tendancies. We understand Shiva as a person who doesn’t know his own potential, who is in search of his destiny, who loves his wife, who is little afraid of taking a new responsibility, who has fear and guilt of his past deeds, who is an emotional human who can cry, is uncertain about what he has done and what he needs to do. It is Shiva’s insecurities and inner conflicts that actually make the readers believe that he is human instead of his dialogues.

From this novel, we understand that every human is the same with great potentials and unsure of our destiny . We all have capability of becaming a Super-person just like Mahadeva.

Waiting for Next Book in the Trilogy to start over…The Secret of the Nagas….

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