Easy Snacks by Charoen Phokphand (CP) Foods

Charoen Phokphand (CP) Foods Public Company Limited is a leading agro-industrial and food conglomerate based in Thailand.  Charoen Phokphand in Thai translates to “prosperity in food” and true to its name, the company is a well-known name in the packaged food segment and exports to over 40 countries across five continents.  A pioneer in the concept of “farm to fork“, the company provides products and services that are not only nutritious but also safe and healthy.  With some of the latest technologies like the Air Chill technology and a competent RnD team, CP foods ensure that their products are made from the best of the ingredients and remain fresh for longer.


CPF ensures their Quality and have got:

  • Air Chilling technology to maintain the freshness of chicken when packed.
  • Environmentally controlled farming to maintain the temperature around the clock, which help the growth of healthy birds.
  • Precautions on high food safety to avoid any influence of flu.
  • Antibiotic-free and preservative free.
  • Halal certified and only trained Islamic butchers are allowed to perform halal.

CP Food was started in 1921 by humble hardworking Chinese brothers in Bangkok whose first business interest was selling seeds.  For more than 90 years CP Food never had forgotten its humble roots even though it has grown to become one of the largest Food companies in Asia.

Following are the key differentiator for CP food in India

  • Highest quality products.
  • Street food safety standards.
  • Great tasty food prepared by their chefs.

My friends – Priyesh and Dev went to CP Food, Indiranagar for Food Tasting Session wherein their entire range of frozen and packaged foods were showcased.

There’s a variety of chilled fresh frozen chicken available from CP food, viz:

1)      Chicken breast boneless protein rich boneless chicken breast cleaned and packed to perfection.

2)      Chicken legs boneless juicy chicken legs cleaned and packed with all keys nutrients intact.

3)      Chicken drumsticks protein rich chicken drumsticks cleaned and pant to perfection.

4)      Chicken lollipop succulent chicken shape in lollipop.

5)      Chicken curry cut chicken cut into convenient pieces.

6)      Chicken whole Bird skinless protein rich whole chicken with skin removed.

7)      Chicken whole bird with skin protein rich whole chicken with skin.

Here is Priyesh’s review of Easy Snacks presented at the Event:


  • Masaledar Aloo Tikki – Delicious Mumbai-style Aloo Tikki Patties made with spicy potatoes mixed with coriander and green chilies.


  • Mini Magic Cutlets – Crispy brown cutlets made with mashed potatoes mildly seasoned with red chilli flakes.


  • Crispy Cheese Jalapeno Bites – Flavorful bites filled with oodles of cheese and fresh jalapeno and with a coating of crunchy golden bread crumbs.


  • Cheese Corn Dino Nuggets –Mashed potatoes with a filling of corn and oodles of luscious creamy cheese inside.


  • Tasty Veg Burger Patty – Crispy brown cutlets made with vegetables blended with chilies flakes and spicy flavor.


  • Chicken King Burger Patty – Succulent spicy chicken burger patties with oodles of luscious creamy cheese inside.


  • Breakfast Chicken Sausage – Tender shreds of chicken with the perfect blend of spices and a light flavor of garlic, made into mouth-watering sausages.


  • Mexican Jalapeno Sausage – An irresistible combination of succulent chicken garnished with zesty jalapeno, made the Mexican way.


  • Chicken Cheese Magic Nuggets – Star shaped nuggets with a heavenly combination of juicy chicken and a crunchy coating of crispy bread crumbs with a filling of cheese and a hint of garlic inside.


  • Italian Chicken Cheese Sausage – Lip-smacking delicious sausages with a special blend of delectable oregano and chucks of cheese, the authentic Italian way.


  • Chicken Cheese Burst Burger Patty – Succulent spicy chicken burger patties with oddles of luscious creamy cheese inside.
  • Spicy Chicken Sheekh Kabab – Juicy shredded chicken spiced with red chilies and Indian spices to create a fine blend of flavor.


  • Crispy Chicken Popcorn – Flavorful bite-sized spicy chicken balls coated in crunchy golden bread crumbs.


  • Chicken Cheese Herb Finger – A delicious treat of chicken mixed with the right amount of chili flakes and exotic Italian herbs – rosemary, thyme and basil and loaded with extra cheese.


  • Lazeez Pudina Murgh Kabab – Juicy minced chicken seasoned with authentic Indian flavors – pudina, green chilies and other Indian spices, the Lazeez Pudina Murgh Kabab comes in the shape of a chicken bone.


  • Supreme Chicken Nuggets – The crunchy bite sized, crown-shaped, chicken nuggets are made with juicy chicken and is mildly seasoned, making it a great appetizer for kids.


  • Chicken Cheese Burst Hariyali Patty – A spicy chicken patty with a classic Indian twist. The Patty is a mixture of soft, juicy chicken with a Hariyali mix consisting of mint, green chili, Indian spices and filled with oodles of cheese.

Overall, Priyesh and Dev had a great evening  experiencing the taste of delicious food by CP Foods. I am looking forward to prepare such delicious looking yet healthy food at home.

CP Foods packages will be available in the market shortly, try it and you will love it!

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