Global Flavours @ McD


As a fresher, McDonald’s was our gang’s usual hangout katta…And the McAloo Tikki burger is one of the most loved menu items at McDonald’s for my Gang.

Recently, few members of my gang were in Bangalore, and we were so desperately wanting to relive the bygone golden days of fresher hood (such a drama queen I am); which triggered us to meet-up in a McD outlet … Forum Mall being convenient for all friends, we decided to meet there and once again grab our hands on McAloo Tikki Burgers….The burger is iconic in the true sense of the word for us.

So, can this burger get any better? Looks like it can. McDonald’s has introduced two new international flavors – Mexican McAloo Tikki and Lebanese McAloo Tikki. And we immediately decided to give it a try.


The Mexican McAloo Tikki is stuffed with Jalapenos and tangy Salsa sauce.  The Lebanese McAloo Tikki comes loaded with gherkins and spicy harissa sauce. The Usual McAloo tikka with a lip smacking make-over with a dash of global tadka… yum yum!!

Being a weekend, the outlet was really crowded; owing a big seating capacity of this outlet, we got a good table to sit for our group. The Service and cleanliness is very well maintained at this outlet. Special mention to the Lady at Billing Counter – Kavya, who was managing the crowd very well!

Come with your group, Put Katta and Bite into the delicious burgers with a soft and savoury cornmeal sprinkled buns that are packed with delicious global flavours.

Disclaimer: Sometimes, the people with you affect your mood and everything is just beautiful …

The time I spent that day was lovely and entire day I was humming the marathi song from “Bun Maska” –

Chaha ani Bun Muskaa.. Fadu nuska, Stress varati gadyaa

Jaganyacha Lage Chaskaa.. Zindagi se, Jab Connection Huva

Roj Uthatana Bastana, Chalu kasarat hi jagatana

Chal Katta taku ata jaraa…

Juni chaukat moduyana, Navya vaata shodhuyana, Chill maru ata thoda chala

Karu Chinta saryaa.. delete Ata, Thoda refresh hovu chalaa

Aree tension ko maroo.. Goli yaaroo, Shodu ata thoda virangulaa


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P.C. McDonald’s Website

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