Coffee ani Barach Kahi…

When you love someone, confessing your love is the best option. That’s the core of the Movie – Coffee ani barach Kahi. Coffee ani Barach Kahi is probably one of the most-hyped Marathi films of the year after Ravi Jadhav’s Timepass 2.


Love as a theme can be a very tricky subject to handle.  Yet, Prakash Kunte’s film manages to carve out a niche for itself effortlessly. ‘Coffee Aani Barach Kahi’ refreshes your sense with the aroma of a perfect brew.  The film narrates the story of Nishaad (Vaibhav Tatwawadi) and Jaai (Prarthana Behre), colleagues in an IT company. They are in love with each other and know it, and yet seem to be reluctant to take things forward.

The narrative unfolds along two timelines. One elaborates the process of falling in love and its gradual movement towards a possibly more serious commitment. The other shows Nishaad waiting for Jaai at a cafe with the intention of taking things to the next level. As the evening melts into night, he begins doubting his own resolve and wonders about the future.

Both timelines are used skillfully and to different purposes. The nuanced story of the progressing affair is told largely from Jaai’s perspective, while looking at love through a philosophical angle. Jaai’s sister Aabha (Neha Mahajan) and her childhood friend Anish (Bhushan Pradhan), a potential groom, are used as soundboards for Jaai’s character. Nishaad’s long wait in the cafe is used to demonstrate the changing nature of love over time and the various forms it might take. Anish is joined by the mostly silent cafe owner (Sandesh Kulkarni) who speaks volumes between the lines.


This is a good movie with some charismatic romance feel. The movie is very smooth to digest. However, some might just feel it slow on some parts, but that’s ignorable when you consider the total reconciliation of the entire feel throughout. Sweet, short & simple…that’s the Perfect description of the movie. The music is also good to keep the momentum going.

Lead pair Vaibhav Tatwawadi and Prarthana Behre fit their roles perfectly, but a special mention needs to be made of Neha Mahajan, who plays the sister and Bhushan Pradhan, in the role of a patient listener. The supporting cast boasts of veterans like Vidyadhar Joshi and Ila Bhate and they add authenticity to the film. There couldn’t have been a better person for Suaysh Tilak’s character in the film. Dilip Prabhavalkar makes a cameo appearance at the end and gets the best lines and the best scene of the film.

Some scenes are stretched and the story is predictable. But the performances, treatment and music make the romance a freshly brewed and passionately mixed one.

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