Old School Pubbing at The Boozy Griffin!

The legendary creature that it is, the Griffin combines the strength of a Lion with the speed of an Eagle. An intimidating blend of two different predators and here with a pint of booze, the mighty Griffin is soaring high in the sky! And that’s exactly the Boozy Griffin!


With the heady concoction of British Royalty and potent Pub Grub, slurped with the best booze in town just transports us to another world! Here we were for the 47th FBAB event with like-minded bloggers and to taste their offerings.


A Royal British Style Pub depicting the charm of the English culture through its couches, wall décor and the lighting. The beauty of English Architecture makes The Boozy Griffin a true Old-School Pub.



There is a separate yet charming smoking section with a bonus of ORR view!




The thing I loved the most is how they have considered the comfort of us folks. They have installed soundproof telephone booths, so that we can just go in the telephone booth to receive call rather than going out of the pub. So thoughtful!


And yes, they play the most popular foot tapping Hollywood and Bollywood music to leave us awed, heady and freakin’ dumbfounded!


The Bar is very well done-up like a fairy tale… and they really do make awesome drinks to make you drool.


  • Bora Bora: A refreshing Mocktail with a fusion of Pineapple, Passion Fruit Syrup and Lemon Juice.


  • English Chocolate: Chocolate, Banana and Apple Juice blended in Fresh Cream… A true British Mocktail it was…Slurp!!


  • Key Lime Pie: A Dessert in Glass with vanilla ice-cream, lime juice, cinnamon… Good One!


  • Cosmopolitan: The classic cocktail containing Vodka, Cranberry Juice and a dash of lime Juice.


  • Boozy Foxtail: Light and Lovely Whisky-Based cocktail to stay happy and high…😉


  • Griffin Dot Com: Vodka, Lemon Grass, Pineapple Juice and a dash of cinnamon… A perfect drink to rejuvenate yourself after a hard day at work!


  • Rainbow Shooter: A Special set of 7 colors of shooters made with Vodka beautifully presented to make you tipsy!


  • Jager Blue Steel Bomb: The usual Jagaermeister shot in Red Bull Glass.

Here’s what we had:


  • Baby Spinach and Apple Salad: Fresh baby spinach, sliced green apple and onions dressed with apple vinegar. Very Refreshing!


  • Magic Shrooms: Jalapeno & cheese stuffed mushroom served with thousand island sauce. The stacked Deep-fried Mushrooms were truly magical!


  • Tex Mex Roll: Spring Roll stuffed with exotic vegetables, black bean and corn, served with Mexican Salsa and sour cream.


  • Grilled Veg and Hummus Quesadilla – Spinach, Corn and Hummus stuffed in in-house fresh tortilla.


  • Stuffed cheese Onion Rings: White Crispy Onion Rings stuffed with gooey soft cheese and crum fried with Cajun spice…The Cheese just oozes out and the balls Melt in the mouth, Amazing and Highly recommended!


  • Beer Batters Cheese Ball: Grated cottage cheese, mozzarella and cheddar fritter with honey mustard dip… Crispy, Cheesy and too yummy!!


  • Griffin Exotic Pizza: An Exotic Cheesy Thin-Crust Pizza topped with Corn, olives, jalapenos, mushrooms, caramel onion & cheese in tomato basil sauce. With the unique caramelized onion topping, this pizza was the show-stealer… Simply Irresistible!

Some of the non-veg dishes captured by our camera:

All American Beef Burger:


Crumb fried Tequila Fish:


Britpop Prawns:


Now the Sweet Part of the Dinner – the Desserts:

  • Coffee Rum Cheesecake: Oreo crust with butter, topped with rum coffee cheese cake… Nothing unusual to talk about.


  • Lava cake: Gooey molten chocolate cake dressed with chocolate shavings and served with vanilla ice cream…! A perfect dessert to complete your wonderful pubbing experience.

Be at Boozy Griffin, lay back and indulge into classic Brit Majesty! Fly high with the Boozy Griffin!

Bon Appetit!

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