Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle Icecreams

What can be better than having a fresh and natural ice cream on a hot, humid Tuesday Afternoon when you are home-sick and crave for some sweet the most? Well, nothing!

Pabrai’s was on my wish-list for quite some time now, and so I and hubby reached the nearest outlet of Pabrai’s, which is in HSR Layout. The Outlet is a tiny one, but has outdoor sitting arrangement for 5-10 people.

This Kolkata-based ice-cream parlor was founded in 2008 and has 28 outlets across India. Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle has made a name for its unique flavors that are often inspired by local Indian fruits, spices, and even food.

The Staff is really very good and helping. It was our first visit and we were confused about which flavor to order; the serving guy understood our problem without even telling him and he gave us tasters for all the flavors – mild first, strong flavors followed, and also explained the ingredients and details about every flavor. So Mindful and caring!

All the flavors are unique in their own. From the fresh fruit based ones like muskmelon which feels like a burst of freshness to their special flavors like Nalen Gur and fun ones like Toffee. Here are some of the flavors I loved and would suggest you to try:

Chandan: Chandan is a beautiful fragrant flavor. It makes you feel cool instantly and the burst of that sweet fragrance and cooling feel of Sandalwood truly make it a summer delight.

Paan: This one is a sure shot winner. I suggest everyone to serve this post an important dinner. A paan lover will love this ice cream. The ice cream has saunf and betal leaf which you can taste and feel in your mouth.

Nolan Gur: Nolen Gur, which is jaggery prepared from the sap of date palm (khejur) tree, is a highly prized, seasonal ingredient used in Bengali desserts. Previously available only during the winter, modern preservation techniques has now enabled the production of Nolen Gur desserts through the year. Although much of the aroma of Nolen Gur is lost during this preservation process, the flavour is still very much there. Pabrai’s Nalen Gur Ice Cream comes with real bits of Nolen Gur and is an absolute treat.

Orange and Basil: This proves that fresh basil and tangy oranges are perfect partners.

It’s not that the base of ice-cream is rich or creamy – it’s not. But the flavors are, for the most part, natural as opposed to commercially produce. All in all, I would definitely recommend this parlor. It certainly is worth a visit.

Pabrai's Fresh & Naturelle Icecreams Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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